Always And Only chords with lyrics by Red Rocks Worship - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Red Rocks Worship – Always And Only chords

D GThe dreamer and the dream
D GThe heart and the beat
Bm A GThe flame that starts a fire in me
D GThe strength for all the weak
D GThe greatest for the least
Bm A GThe song my soul can’t help but sing
D Em Bm GAll I’ve ever wanted, All I’ve ever needed
D EmThe heart of my desire It’s You
Bm GJesus, Always and only
D GThe innocent condemned
D GMy brokenness to mend
Bm A GThe cross has made me whole again
D GMy savior and my friend
D GA love that has no end
Bm A GI’m found no matter where I am
D Em Bm GAlways and only, Always and only Jesus
D Em Bm GAlways and only, Always and only
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