Red Rocks Worship – My Deliverer chords

Gm        Eb        Bb        F

[Verse 1]
Gm EbShadows in the night
Bb FWon’t take away my joy
Gm EbSteady is Your love
Bb FIn You I am secure
Gm EbDriven by Your heart
Bb FHeld in perfect grace
Gm EbWhatever comes my way
Bb FWill never crush my praise
Gm EbEven in the darkest valley
Bb FYour peace is rushing through me
Gm EbEven with the fire surrounding
Bb FI know that You stand with me
Gm EbEven as the flames rise higher
Bb FI’m safe, I will not fear
Gm EbI can hear Your voice like thunder
Bb FMy hope, and my deliverer
[Instrumental] Gm Eb Bb F [Verse 2]
Gm EbDefender of my life
Bb FSavior of my soul
Gm EbHow could I want more when I am all Yours
Bb FLord, You are my home
Eb FWithin Your love, here within Your name
Gm Bb/DI am unafraid and I won’t be shaken
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