Sailor – Girls Girls Girls chords

Capo 1

Em E° B7 Em E° B7 EmAh, ah, ah, ah. Ah, ah, ah, ah. Girls, girls, girls.
EmGirls, girls, girls. Girls, girls, girls. Girls, girls, girls.
EmYellow, red, black or white, add a little bit of moonlight
Am B7 Em E° B7for this intercontinental romance.
Em Shy girl, sexy girl, they all like that fancy world.
Am B7 EmChampagne, a gentle song and a slow dance.
Am D GWho makes it fun to spend your money? Who calls you honey
B Em most every day? Girls, girls, girls. Girls, girls, girls.
EmWell they made ‘em up in Hollywood and put them into movie,
Am B7 Em E° B7those lovely photographic splendours.
EmIn and out of magazines, Miss World and beauty queens,
Am B7 Emfalling in love with the real big spenders.
Am D GBut although their world may be frantic, they're still romantic
Bin their own way.
E B E BSo hop on, the world is swinging. Don't sit and twiddle your thumbs.
E B E E/G# Bb BGet up and meet those pretty girls, girls, girls.
E B E BStep on, the world keeps swinging. Put on the dazzling charm.
E B EGet up and find those pretty girls.
Bm7But don't rush, keep it nice and gentle
A F#7 Band sentimental for that certain moment.
EmMoonlit oceans, girls full of emotions
Am B7 Em E° B7stepping on that slow boat to China.
EmAnd next door in Japan they know hoe to please a man,
Am B7 Emdropping in for tea with my geisha.
Am D GThey've got that old-fashioned feeling when it comes to pleasing,
Bthey know their way.
Refrain 2x
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