Saintins Son – Depression tab

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this is a real quick tab of depression but is acuret if u follow

intro: play 1 time distorted than go to clean

|-----------------/-\/||-----------------/-\/||------------------/\/|slide all over the neck|-----------------//\-|and go into the verse|-------------5-7--/\/||-5-x-x-3-3-5-5-5-/-\/|
TO PLAY THE VERSE JUST PLAY THE INTRO IN POWER CHORDS AND USE THE LOW E AS A ROOT NOTE PLAY THE VERSE IN DISTORTION THANKS ENJOT!!!!!!!!!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Legend ------ h = hammer-on; p = pull-off; b = bend; r = bend release; / = slide up/down; [5] = nat. harmonic; <5> = harmonic; ~ = vibrato; tr = trill; T = tap; TP = trem. picking; PM = palm muting; | = bar; || = double bar; = repeat start; *|| = repeat end; *| = double bar (end); : = bar (freetime); d = tremolo bar dive; u = tremolo bar up; = = hold (bend or tremolo bar) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** Generated using Power Tab Editor by Brad Larsen: The Official Power
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