Sandwich – Slowly tab

 Title: Slowly
 Artist: Sandwich
 Album: 4-Track Mind
 Track no.: 11
 Elapsed Time: ?
 Transcribed by: Allan John G. Amisola
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 Date/Time:  Saturday, September 10, 2005 - 9:45 pm

           Para sa Mga loko-lokong tambay sa First Park, Daraga, Albay...!!!

 [Recommended chords]

    F5 - base-fret 1, frets 1 3 3 x x 1 
    F#5 - base-fret 1, frets x 0 x 2 2 1
    Db - base-fret 1, frets x 4 3 1 2 1
    Ab - base-fret 4, frets 1 3 3 2 1 1
    D5 - base-fret 2, frets x 0 0 1 2 4
    Eb5 - base-fret 6, frets x 1 3 3 x 1

    F5-F#5 (8x)


 C#                                 F5-F#5 (2x)
 Walking down your avenue oh so slowly
 C#                                            F5-F#5 (2x)
 Feeling all you've said and done is sinking slowly


 Try to find the reason why it brings me home
 Ab                                             C#-
 Again when you walk inside my screamin' to my heavy 

 when you all you want is to come back home

    F5-F#5 (4x)

 [Verse 2]

 C#                                  F5-F#5 (2x)
 Disengaging from yourself oh so slowly
 C#                                    F5-F#5 (2x)
 Only hurt can make you heal oh so sweetly
 C#                                               Ab
 I try to find the reason why it makes you whole again
 When you jump into leap into the sun when all you want is to fade away

    F5-Ab5--,D5-,Eb5 (4x)

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