Sandy Denny – John The Gun chords

John the Gun
by Sandy Denny
From 'The North Star Grassman and the Ravens" (1971)

Capo III (Cm) 
(Please note this is not the original arrangement; 
I rearranged it to suit the limited skills 
of a camp fire player like myself)

Am C Am My shadow follows me wherever I should chance to go
C G Am John the Gun did say
Am C AmIf you should chance to meet me, as I wander to and fro
C G Am Sad will be your day
My life is mine and the light did shine, till the guns shot right through me So now I shall never fall Ideals of peace are gold which fools have found upon the plains of war I shall destroy them all (Chorus)
Dm CPut away your guns of steel
Dm CDeath comes too soon for all
F C EmYour master he will need you soon
G AmAnd you will heed his call
I am the master of the game That you will hardly ever play So I will teach your sons And if they should die Before the evening of their span of days Why, then they will die young (Chorus) Condemn me not For always have I played the game of war In moonshine or in sun And if any cross the path I choose to tread Their chances they are poor For I am John the Gun (Chorus)
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