No More Sad Refrains chords with lyrics by Sandy Denny - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Sandy Denny – No More Sad Refrains chords


[Verse 1]
C G/B Am Em Here comes the morning how it plea - ses
F C G It always brings me something new
F Em F CIts golden light will wash away the dust of yesterday
F C G CIf I try it may let me forget you
C F C F [Verse 2]
C G/B Am Em And when these winter days are ov - er
F C GI mean to set myself upon my feet
F Em F CI see me as something that I have never been
F C G CI'll pick up the pieces that will make the girl complete
C F C F [Instrumental] C G/B Am Em F C G F Em F C F C G C C F C F [Verse 3]
C G/B Am EmI'll be smiling all the time at everybo - dy
F C GMy friends will tell me I'm just not the same
F Em F CI won't linger over any tragedies that were
F C G C F C F CI won't be singing any more sad refra - a - ains
[Outro] F Em F C F C F/C C
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