Santogold – Youll Find A Way tab

			     You'll Find A Way - Santogold

Tabbed by: James Hickman

Tuning: Standard-EADGBE

Equipment: A Strat style or singlecoil equipped guitar played through a clean setting
a rotary effect.

Hey everyone. I really like this song and think Santogold is a great singer. Enjoy the
which I think is correct. It defiantly sounds okay when played along to the record. Oh,
I have tried to include some useful aspects of how to play the different sections of the 
and a small bit of theory so you can understand what you are playing.

I have also not written anything out in full. That's because it's really easy to just
to the record and hear how each bit is played. I have just made it really easy by
you with the notes.





-For this section, only two chords are used, and only one shape; which is an inversion
a minor seventh chord. Both chords are played by barring your index finger across the
frets. Also to note is that they are played with a rotary effect. Use your ears to 
when they are played. The two chords are C#m7 and Bm7. (Shown below).

e|-------9----------7--------|B|-------9----------7--------|G|-------9----------7--------|D|-------9----------7--------|A|---------------------------|E|---------------------------| C#m7 Bm7
VERSES -For this section just play a syncopated (play the chord every second and fourth beat) chord (above). Watch out for the two beat rest though at the end of each phrase. (Also, for this section and the rest of the song the guitar is played with a clean effect). CHORUS -Use alternate picking for more economical playing here if you wish. Play the first note with your first finger, the second note (E) with your pinkie and the last note (B) with first finger. Listen to the record to get the rhythm. This section is also palm muted. notes are:
PM------------------------------------------> The last note is an upbeat and is not played on the last repeat of the chorus line. MIDDLE 8 -The guitar doesn't play anything here! So there you have it! ===============================================================================
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