Santogold – Say Aha tab

This is a great song which i couldn't find here. It's very easy and fun to play 
so I hope you enjoy it.

The bass plays the same thing throughout the song.
I can't tell exactly what he's playing on the Gm part, it's too fast for me to tell
since i don't play the bass, but this is the best I could make of it:

Cm GmGI----------------------I---------------------|IDI----------------------I-5--8-5-5-------5----|IAI------6-6--6----6-6--6I-----------6-8-8-8-6-|IEI--8--8------8--8------I---------------------|I
Listen to the song for the rhythm of the guitar.
And in the bridge I'm not really sure that this is correct, but even so: Bbm Abm Bbm BmE:I---4-4---------------|IB:I--3-3-3---1----3--4--|IG:I---------------------|ID:I---------------------|IA:I---------------------|IE:I---------------------|I
Play this 4 times. Comments, suggestions, errors, mistakes are welcome at
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