Satellite – Silhouette chords


                                            S i l h o u e t t e
                                              S a t e l l i t e
                                     C a l l i n g  B i r d s  ( 2 0 1 3 )

                    + During All the Song use the                                   +
                    + middle finger to perform pull-off                             +
                    + and hammer-on techniques 2 times on                           +
                    + the G string while holding the F chord.                       +
                    +                                                               +
Tabbed by Ygor Tunning: E (Standard)
CHORDS USED [IN ORDER OF FIRST APPEARANCE]: F C Am Ge]---x-----0-------0-------3------|B]---1-----1-------1-------0------|G]---2-----0-------2-------0------|D]---3-----2-------2-------0------|A]---3-----3-------0-------2------|E]-------------------------3------|
Intro: // F // C // F // Am // C // Verse 1:
C AmHoney your dreams aren't big enough
C Am FYou're giving everything but you're giving up
C GFilling in the lines so quietly
AmBut sometimes what you get is what you need
Verse 2:
C AmYou're waiting in the light behind the clouds
C Am FYou're rising like the sun we're spinning round
C GBut you're the only girl I've ever touched
AmAnd baby you are the one I love
Transition 1: // F // C // F // Am // F // C // G // Verse 3:
C AmYou're hammering the nails you've learned to trust
C Am FPraying for the rain to feel them rust
C GSometimes what we have is hard to see
AmAnd happiness is harder than it seems
Verse 4:
C AmWhen you're salting every wound to feel it burn
C Am FThere's fire in your eyes for lessons learned
C GBut you're the only girl I've ever touched
AmAnd baby you are the one I love
Transition 2: // F // C // F // Am // F // C // G // Chorus:
CSo how long until I see you
How long until I'm there
AmYour silhouette across the morning
Light shining in your hair
FThis is all I have to give you
CYou are all I have to live
GAnd I can't find a way to hold you
(C)But I can say it all again
Outro: // F // C // F // Am // F // C // G // C //
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