Beauty For Ashes chords with lyrics by Satellite - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Satellite – Beauty For Ashes chords

[Verse 1]
AI feel the darkness fading, and joy is coming
C#m7 DEven the fiercest shadows soon give way to the morning sun
AGod you’re the morning sun
[Verse 2]
AI see the clouds are lifting and the sky is clearing
C#m7 DEven the coldest winters soon give way to the warmth of spring
AGod you’re the warmth of spring
D BmYou give me beauty for ashes, joy for mourning
A A7Praise for a heavy, heavy heart
D BmYou give me freedom for burdens, healing for hurting
A A7All for the glory of you God
D BmYou make me happy (happy)
A A7You make me happy (happy)
D Bm A A7Every fear is a lie that you are breaking
D Bm A A7Every grave is a resurrection waiting
D Bm A A A7As you lead me through this journey we are taking
D Bm AI’m learning to have joy
D Bm A A7Every wound is the healer’s invitation
D Bm A A7Every failure is a story in the making
D Bm A A7As you lead me through this journey we are taking
D D#dim7I’m learning (I’m learning), I’m learning (I’m learning)
E Fdim7 F#m7 GI’m learning… Yeah!
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