Saving Jane – Grace chords

I love this song, it's so small and sweet and simple. However, when I wanted to 
play it myself I could not find the chords ANYWHERE. So I decided to give it a try 
myself, even though I have never done this before. I couldn't figure out all of 
it, but this is what I came up with. When you play along with the song, you'll 
hear that not all of the chords are correct, but if you play it without the music, 
it sounds alright. At least, to me. 
I hope you'll enjoy!

C Cmaj7 Am GI don't wanna see, I don't wanna see anything
C Cmaj7 Am GI don't wanna be, I don't wanna be lost again
Dm F GI don't wanna walk, I don't wanna walk far from You
C Cmaj7 Am GI just wanna live, I just wanna live like You do
F G AmAs I stumble to the light of grace
F G AmYou said You'd always have a place for me
C Cmaj7 Am GGot a little scared, got a little scared in the woods
C Cmaj7 Am GAnd everywhere I turn, everywhere I turn nothing's good
Dm F GThen I saw a little light, saw a little light shine for me
C Cmaj7 Am GAnd I found a little path, found a little path at my feet
F G AmAs I fumble with the gift of my free will
F G AmHe says hush now, listen to my voice, be still
C Cmaj7My refuge, my Father
Am GThe only Living Water
C Cmaj7I'm weary, I'm broken
Am GI've cracked my heart wide open
F GUnholy, unworthy
AmAnd still You reassure me
FYou knew me
G F CBefore I knew myself
C G CI don't wanna be, I don't wanna be lost again
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