Saving Jane – You Say tab

I know that this song doesn't have any instruments, or anything, but it was really easy. =DD

C                      G
 I've been calling and calling for you
        Am                   F
But you answer and I shut my mouth
C                        G
 I've been searching and searching for you
       Am                     F
But myself I don't want to be found

You say I am
You say let go
You say Believe... 
But its not that easy for me
You say wait
You say right now
Don't you see you're already 
One foot in the ground
        C  G  Am  F
you say...

C                     G
 I've been wicked and wild and wrong
         Am                    F
And I've wondered the price of my shame.
C                    G
 I've been hiding my face for so long
       Am                   F
It's a wonder that you know my name

(same as first chorus
You say come home
You say I'm here
You say there are some things you just can't control
You say let me
You say believe
Why do you search for the answers you already know
You say...

(same as the rest the verses)
I am the way and the light and the Truth
Don't be misled by the flight of your youth
Faith in the things you can't see to believe
What if you had faith in me...

(same as chorus)
You say rest here, this is your home
Don't you see that you knew I was here all along
You say... (
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