Saving Jane – Girl Next Door tab

verse: D A G
bridge: D7 A G
chorus: D7 h C G
outro: C G (F C G)

now she fixes up her shirt an she wear new guddles for you
and she makes up her orders cause she doesn't like the order you do
and she loves the second way hey your first way is probably through
and she'll never wnna go to the movies the same ones that you do

and if this love is supersticious and everything we did is on call
and if this love is gonna make well maybe i should turn it up

but the girl next door is crying
i don't know what i want to do 
next door she's crying
let me go let me go for you (for you x3)

well i watch as the most from the bedroom to the living on floor
and knock on the door and tell her what i've been waiting for
and she'll smack me upside the head oh it's a crazy scene
save your best for your own oh thats how i wanted to be (yeah)



.. and i wanna new love you

yeti 1987
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