School Of Rock – Teachers Pet chords

D C/GBaby, we was makin' straight A's
G C/GBut we were stuck in a dumb daze
D C/GDon't take much to memorize your lies
G C/GI feel like I've been hypnoti-sized
D C/GAnd then, that magic man, he come to town.
G C/GWoo-Wee! He done spun my head around
DHe said "Recess is in session,
C/GTwo and two make five."
GAnd now, baby, oh, I'm alive.
GAh Yea! I am alive.
D C/GAnd if you wanna be the teacher's pet
G C/GWell, baby, you just better forget it.
D C/GRock got no reason, rock got no rhyme
G You better get me to school on time.
D C/GOh, you know I was on the Honor Roll
G C/GGot good grades, ain't got no soul
D C/GRaise my hand before I can speak my mind
G C/GI've been biting my tongue too many times
D C/GAnd then that magic man took you away (uh huh)
G C/GDo what magic man do, not what magic man say
D C/GNow, can I please have the attention of the class.
GToday's ass-ignment... (hem hem)
Solo Continues with same chords.
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