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Scorpions – Always Somewhere tab

Part A e-------------3--3--0-0---0----0--0--b-----1--1--0--0--0----3---3----1----g------0--0-----0--0----2---0----2---d-------2--2---------3---2-----------a--023-----------------------0-------e------------3-----------------------
Part B e-------------3--3--0--0--0--0--0----b-----1--1--0--3--3-----1--1--1--1---g------0--0-----0--0-----2--2--2--2--d-------2--2-------------------------a--023---------------0---------------e------------3-----------------------
CHORUS e---------------------------5-5-553------------------------------------------b---------------------------5-5-553------------------------------------------g--5---------------2-------------------------------5---------------5---------d--5-------5-------2---------------3-------5-------5---------5-----5---------a--3-------5-------0---------------3-------5-------3---------5-----3---------e----------3-----------------------1-------3-----------------3--------------- ^-^----------rests------------^^
e-------------------5-5-553---------------------------b-------------------5-5-553---------------------------g----------2-------------------------------5----------d--5-------2---------------3-------5-------5-------5--a--5-------0---------------3-------5-------3-------5--e--3-----------------------1-------3---------------3-- ^-^------rests
First off, there are no double digit fret numbers, so any that you see mashed together are single digits in actuality. I've tried to put some concept of time in by leaving space where a note is carried. If you use each character space as half a beat (4/4), it should work out about right (except at the ends of lines). Here's how to put the parts together: Intro AAAAAB Verse 1 ABAB Arrive at seven, the place feels good No time to call you today Encores till eleven then Chinese food Back to the hotel again Small Solo Break AB Verse 2 ABAB I call your number, the line ain't free I'd like to tell you come to me And life without you seems like a lost dream Love, I can tell you how I feel Chorus: Always somewhere Miss you where I've been I'll be back to love you again (2x) Long Solo Break AAAA Verse 3 ABAB Another morning, another place The only day off is far away But every city has seen me in the end And brings me to you again Chorus Outtro AA -- Note that the last couple of notes are played differently (arpegiate a C9 chord I think - e --- b -3- g -0- d -2- a -3- e ---) Note: The main effects used seem to be chorus on the verse parts (A & B) and heavy distortion on the choruses. Please let me know if there are any errors, etc. Enjoy, Jeff
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