Scott Matthew – Upside Down chords ver. 2

Upside Down
Words and music by Scott Matthew

Capo 7th fret

Chords C G G7 Ae--0--3--1--5--|B--1--0--0--2--|G--0--0--0--2--|D--2--0--0--2--|A--3--2--2--0--|E--X--3--3--X--|
Intro: C C C G7 Verse:
CI walk a tight rope
G G7and live with a high hope
C G G7that somehow we still feel the same
C G G7through this catastrophe it's quietly telling me
C G G7we'll confess that word again
A G C I don't care if the worlds upside down
G G7if you're lost or you're found
A G CI know your feet will stay far from the ground
G G7If you just stick around
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