Sebadoh – Bouquet For A Siren tab

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From: "James Eric Spencer" 
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 01:17:30 -0500

bouquet for a siren - seBADoh
by Eric Gafney
Here's one of my favorites from Erik.

NOTE: I only tabbed out the faster part of this song,
if anyone finds the patience to tab the rest I'd love a
copy.  Also, don't flame me for incorrect lyrics,
however helpful comments and corrections are welcome
and invited.

I'm too proud for lessons so I'll draw them out.  You'll
have to listen to the song, on bubble and scrape, for
the timings and patterns

CHORUS: (W/distortion)e-----------------------|B-----------------------| NOTE: for both the verse and theG-----------------------| chorus, the chords listed signifyD--7-/-10-\-5-/-7-------| a pattern with that chord.A--7-/-10-\-5-/-7-------| ie:each chord is strummed moreE--5-/-8--\-3-/-5-------| than listed.
LYRICS: (or close to them) Enlighten my lives(?) Close my eyes Valiant, Like a god I fly Merry go round, wind and speed Working only for a luxury Married to failure Don't buy grief I'm frightened (on an awful cheek)/(on and off ???????) Since when, again, I care I swear I don't intend to be mean siren glides from surf to cliff Endearing language (is) provocative I'm here to say what's done is done Serving shark fin soup for everyone Beautiful women in the world to see I'm a born romantic E A G (thorn romantic)? Gotta right to find the American dream and so what Stranded here high and dry ???????????? on which I lie Born to win(?) Have to wait And see on a stepping stone with dust and roses at its feet(?) Feeling a weak as a circus freak I've got to relocate, I wanna sail the seas Should of never have kissed Should of never have played Pardon me I had a place to stay Repeat first Verse and chorus Any seBARelated questions comments or chatter can be directed to me at:
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