Hosea chords with lyrics by Shane And Shane - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Shane And Shane – Hosea chords

Author/Artist: Shane Barnard
Title: Hosea
Album: Psalms
Transcribed by: scott (modified by Nick 12/9/10
From: http://www.shanebweb.com/tab/hosea.crd.txt

Gsus4  3X023X
Dsus   XX0233
D/F#   20023X
Am7    X02013
Em     022033
G/B    X20033
A/B?   X2022X
G      3X0033
F      X33210

Capo 1

Gsus4   Dsus D   Am7   Em D   Gsus4

Gsus4 Dsus Dcome let us return
Am7He has torn us into pieces
Em D He has injured us
Gsus4 Dsus Dcome let us return
Am7 Em Dto the Lord
D/F# Gsus4He will heal us...
G/B A/B?He will bandage our wounds
Cin just a short time He'll restore us
Dsus D D/F#in just a short time He'll restore His church
Gsus4 G/B C Dsus D so we, we might live, we might live in His presence
D/F# Gsus4in His presence
F Goh that we might know the Lord...
(G) Am let us press on to know Him
G let us press hard into Him
Am G Fthen as surely as the coming of the dawn
G F GHe will respond
F GHe will respond
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