Shawn Mcdonald – Space Between Us chords

Intro: G A F#m G 

G A Im still awake and its 3 in the morning trying to sleep but my mind keeps going
F#m G am i awake cause your trying to speak to me lying here with my ears wide open
A F#M can you fix what i know i have broken theres a whole in my heart where i need
G A F#m you to be cause im right here and your right there will you take this wall i
G built and tear it down
G D A And do what you always do making the old so new taking away the space between
Bm G D us filling it up with more of you and you do what you always do cause your my
A Bm G rescue taking away the space between us taking away the space between me and
D A G D A y - ou, me and y - ou,
G A Never really meant to be so distant should have known that it made no
F#m G difference you were holding my hand when i walked away, you were there in the
A F#m middle of the night you were there when i lost my sight and your still
Gholding me today
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