Sherwood – Alive chords

A Different Light

A F# Bm E D I'm, alive, tonight
A F# A F# Call it the chance of a lifetime
ACall it the deepest blue
F#Season two, a change in the storyline
AWell I'm not afraid of what lies ahead
EI remember something that someone said
F# E D"If you never think, you never change your mind"
ASo I'll be looking my best tonight if I lose the fight
F#Or fall asleep for the final time
Bm E DYou can come with me but you'll be cutting in line
So listen to me yeah
A F#I can make you feel alive (alive)
BmAnd if the world is racing by tonight
We'll watch it run
E D AAnd even if the end's begun, its fine
F#We can walk across that line
BmWith our hopes and spirits high
E DWho knows what we'll find together on the other side
Oh my love, you think that its over But I think it's just begun And season one was a tap on your shoulder Well I'm not afraid of what lies ahead I remember something that someone said "If you never blink, you never feel your eyes" But you'll be trying your best tonight not to lose the fight Don't fall asleep, even close your eyes But to your surprise love, the whole whole tunnel is light With walls of the purest white I'm, alive, tonight Chorus
C# F#When narrow walls can seem so wide
Bm D E AI guess its not for us to decide
A DI've been running all around this empty town
Bm F#Where the brightest blues and greens just turn to brown
E D A F# Bm D EBut it feels new, because I'm so in love with you
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