Shinedown - Heroes chords version 1

These chords probably can't be played along with the actual song, but they sound 
rather good when played without company.


Em G C BStare in wonder, who's here to bring you down?
Em G C BFind your martyr, I'm sure you've made the crown
Em G C B So light a fire under my bones, so when
Em G C BI die for you, at least I'll die alone
Em - C G A (B) Ain't nothing for me to end up like this
Em - C G - A B There's no comparing me this time
Em C A - G BAll my heroes have now become ghosts
Em C G - A BSold their sorrow to the ones who paid the most
Em C A - G BAll my heroes are dead and gone
Em G B - C D But they're inside of me, they still live on
Tabbed by Avior - Sorry, it's not perfect and it might take some practice to get the timing right. Feel free to comment
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