Silverstein – Smile In Your Sleep tab

Smile In Your Sleep
Discovering The Waterfront
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Key: G

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Em - 022000
C -  x32010
D -  xx0232
B7  -x21202

Intro: Em--C-D


Eme|-----------3---2-----5-----2---3-|B|---0-0---0---------0-----0-------|G|---------------------------------|D|-2-----2-----2---2-----2-----2---| x2A|---------------------------------|E|---------------------------------|
C De|------------0---------2---------0-|-----3-----2---0-----------------|B|------3---------3-----------3-----|---------------------3-----1---0-|G|---0------0---------0-----0-------|---2-----2---------2-----2-------|D|----------------------------------|-0-----0-----0---0-----0-----0---|A|-3------3-----3---3-----3-----3---|---------------------------------|E|----------------------------------|---------------------------------|
Verse 1: Em When I'm lying in your bed Play the motions through my head You know that I'm C D thinking I'm thinking Em And I have reasons to believe that I'm not the only one that you spend this C D time with But I'll stay Chorus 1: Em You say you're weak C You wont let me down you wont let me down Em You lie through your teeth C You smile in your sleep smile in your sleep Verse 2: Em When we met you said we were the same You know that we're C D different we're different Em And all the times you promised me That everything would C work out in the end Growl: D You were gravely mistaken Chorus 2: Em You say you're weak C You wont let me down you wont let me down Em You lie through your teeth You smile in your sleep Growl: smile in your sleep Bridge: Growl: Em you lie you lie C D B7 you lie you lie Em You lie through your teeth you C wont let me down D (you lie)
Guitar 2: In "You lie through your teeth"e|-15-15-14-14-------|B|-------------15-15-|G|-------------------|D|-------------------| x3A|-------------------|E|-------------------|
Growl: Beat becomes slower B7 Em I deserve better than this I dream of steel C Maroon and warm your end D B7 You gasp for air Em I'll see this through I'll see through you C D B7 Your pale blue eyes Interlude: Beat switch back to fast Em--C-D
Lead: Eme|-----------3---3-----5-----5---5-----7-----7---7-----7-----7---7-|B|---0-0---0---------0-----0---------0-----0---------0-----0-------|G|-----------------------------------------------------------------|D|-2-----2-----2---2-----2-----2-----------------------------------|A|---------------------------------7-----7-----7---7-----7-----7---|E|-----------------------------------------------------------------|
C De|-----3-----3---3-----2-----2---2-|-----3-----3---3-----0-----0---0-|B|---------------------------------|---------------------------------|G|---0-----0---------0-----0-------|---2-----2---------2-----2-------|D|---------------------------------|-0-----0-----0---0-----0-----0---|A|-3-----3-----3---3-----3-----3---|---------------------------------|E|---------------------------------|---------------------------------|
Verse 3: Em When you're lying in your bed Your eulogie's been read You know that it's C D fitting you lied (Repeat Chorus 2) Outro: Growl: Em you smile you smile C D you smile you smile
Guitar 2: In "You smile"e|-15-15-14-14-------|B|-------------15-15-|G|-------------------|D|-------------------| x3A|-------------------|E|-------------------|
B7 Em I deserve better than this
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