Sisters Of Mercy – I Have Slept With All The Girls In Berlin tab

This is one of the new, unreleased Sisters’ songs (a.k.a. “Slept”). The tab is based on
bootleg recording from the Sisters’ gig in Athens (04/01/06)so may be not very right,
but it sounds ok. I found the lyrics somewhere on net (I don’t remember were) and they seem 
to be ok too. For comments etc. please contact me.

Tempo : 160 bpm
Guitar 1 : electric
Guitar 2 : 12string acoustic
Tuning : standard

(4 times)

Guitar 1 :

Guitar 2 : Am C Em
VERSE 1:Guitar 1 (on every line):|---------------------------------------||---------------------------------------||---------------------------------------||---2-2-2-2-0-----0-----2-0-2--2-3-2----||-0-----------3-3---2-2-----------------||---------------------------------------|
Guitar 2 : Am C Em Oh shake me down again. Am C Em Oh fade me down again. Am C Em Oh shake me down again. Am C Em I can wake up in this zoo. Am C I've been used and abused Em I've been chastened, I've been bruised Am C I can take what I've been through Em I've been naked on the news Am C I've been debased and disabused, Em Just meet me downtown, when you're through CHORUS 1: Guitar 1 :
Guitar 2 : F Turn me over, E Am Turn me in, G I have slept with all the girls in Berlin. VERSE 2: Guitar 1 : same as VERSE 1 Guitar 2 : Am C Girls on smoke and girls on weed Em Girls and coke and girls on speed Am C Girls who choke and girls who smile Em Girls who swallow in denial Am C Girls in crisis of the hips Em Girls with eyes as white as Egypt Am C Girls in cars and girls on streets Em Girls in bars and girls in strips Am C Girls on journeys, girls on trips Em Girls on gurneys, girls on drips Am C And a girl too far with pale blue lips Em So shake me down again. Am C Girls like you have poison tips Em Girls like you like pistol whips Am C And girls who knew the sailor's creed Em With a third degree in jealousy, so CHORUS 2: Guitar 1 :
Guitar 2 : F Turn me over, E Am Turn me in, G Am I have slept with all the girls in Berlin.
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