Sleeping At Last – Seven chords

C Fmaj7 G CHow nice it'd be if we could try everything
C Fmaj7 G CI'm serious, let's make a list and just begin
C Fmaj7 G C"What about danger?" So what. "What about risk?"
C Fmaj7 G CLet's climb the mountain before we cross that bridge!
Fmaj7 G Fmaj7'Cause I'm restless, I'm restless, I'm restless
G CFor whatever comes next
[Verse 2]
C Fmaj7 G CHow wonderful to see a smile on your face
C Fmaj7 G CIt costs farewell tears for a welcome-home parade
C Fmaj7 G CA secret handshake between me and my one life:
C Fmaj7 G CI'll find the silver lining no matter what the price
[Chorus 2]
Fmaj7 G Fmaj7'Cause I'm hungry, oh I'm hungry, I'm hungry
G CFor whatever comes next
[Verse 3]
C Fmaj7 G CLet me tell you another secret of the trade-
C Fmaj7 G CIt feels like sinking when I'm standing in one place
C Fmaj7 G CSo I look to the future and I book another flight
C Fmaj7 G CWhen everything feels heavy, I've learned to travel light
Fmaj7But I want to be here
G CTruly. Be. Here
C Fmaj7 GTo watch the ones that I love bloom
Fmja7 And I want to make room
G C G C GTo love them through and through and through
C Fmaj7 GAnd through the slow and barren seasons too
Fmaj7I feel hope
G CDeep in my bones
Fmaj7 G CTomorrow will be beautiful
Fmaj7 G Fmaj7And I'm ready. God I'm ready, oh I'm ready
G C Fmaj7Restless and hungry, but I'm ready
G CFor whatever comes next
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