The Girl chords with lyrics by Sleeping With Sirens - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Sleeping With Sirens – The Girl chords

This "song" was originally two small songs Kellin Quinn and Caleb Shomo were writing at 
the time and sang what they had for a Collapse Studios video. Both songs are about a 
special girl they had in their life. Jesse Lawson played the guitar parts.

This is all played in Drop C with no capo. Just to note, the chords may not be named 
correctly, but they're accurate. Watch the video for the strumming pattern, etc.

C (G bass) - 332010 (I'm just listing this as C below)
B9 - xx2100
Am - 002210-----------------------
Kellin's part:
COh ohh ohh ohh oh ohh
B9Oh ohh ohh ohh oh ohh (x2)
CCaught my eye from the second you walked by
B9 CI had to see if I could make you mi-ine
B9Oh, but I ain't got no time to waste, no ti-i-i-i-ime
CYou see my heart, it goes through these motions
B9 AmBut my mind can't decide whether to keep or leave you alone,
B9Or what I need to make you come back home
AmThe stars are shining on us tonight
B9You know exactly what is on my mind
AmSpare me the details, cut to the chase
B9Close the curtains 'cause I'm running for ya
CMy body's burning for ya
Caleb's part:
AmYou make it too easy girl,
B9For me to lose myself in your world
AmAll those words I said, all the money spent
B9All those diamond rings and pearls
AmYou know my chips are down
B9But we got time to figure it out
AmI don't know where to start but I know my heart
B9Won't beat unless you're around
Am B9So close your eyes, I'm gonna take you for a ride
AmThe stars are shining on us tonight
CBut girl you know what's on my mind
AmSpare me the details, cut to the chase
CThose curtains close, I'm hurting for ya
AmMy body's hurting for ya
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