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Take Good Care Of My Baby       (Smokie)

       G             Em
Intro: My tears are fallin'
                     C          D
       'cause you've taken her away
           G            Cm
       and so it really hurts me so
                C                         D
       there's somethin' that I've got to say

       G         Em          C    D
( 1 )  Take good care of my, baby
       G            Em            C    D
       please don't ever make her blue
       G         Cm
       just tell her that you love her
       C                Cm
       make sure you're thinkin' of her
       G         Em              C  D
       in everything you say and do

       G         Em          C   D
( 2 )  Take good care of my, baby
       G             Em            C   D
       now don't you ever make her cry
       G             Cm
       just let your love surround her
       C              Cm
       make a rainbow all around her
       G             Em          D   G   G7
       don't let her stare cloudy sky

       Am          D
Break: Once upon a time
               Hm           Em
       that little girl was mine
       Am           D
       If I'd been true
           Hm       Am    Hm       D   G
       I know she'd never be with you

       G         Em          C   D
( 3 )  Take good care of my, baby
       G          Em               C   D
       Be just as kind as you can be
       G/A        Cm/Dm
     | And if you should discouver
       C/D            Cm/Dm
       that you don't really love her
       G/A          Em/F#m
       Just send my baby
       C/D    D/E  G/A
       ho-me  to   me |

       A         F#m         D   E
       Take good care of my, baby (4x and fade out)

Note: The  lyrics are taken from recordings by ear and are probably imperfect; I'd appreciate getting 
-- Klaus,, in good old germany

This song is taken from CD "The best of Smokie"

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Ciao, Klaus
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