Sophia – If Only tab

If Only - Sophia

G  G5  G

G               G5  G   G5  G
Hand in hand we spend the night
G                G5  G   G5   G
love comes easy by candlelight

G                                G5   G    G5   G
we lie about our past to make each other believe
       Am                        C            G     F#/G
that this is the love that will last eternity

Em      C           G     F#/G
if only, if only
Em      C           G      D     
if only, if only
C           D                    Em
    if only I could believe that tomorrow
                    Am  A sus2  Am   A sus2  Am
when I wake from my sleep
                 C  C maj7  C  C maj7  C
that you'll still be with me
oh my love
   D                G
my love will always be
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