Sophia – Fixed Water tab

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Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 09:12:57 +0200
From: Geert Jacobs 
Subject: s/sophia/

group: Sophia
album: Fixed Water (partly tabbed)

Sophia is the new band from Robin Proper-Sheppard.
He used to be the singer of 'The God Machine', a band that that made
two great albums('Scenes from the second storey' and 'One last laugh
in a place of dying' very cynical title since their bass player died
shortly after finishing the album). If you like depressed music with
a rough edge you have got to hear it !!! They are(were) one of the best
bands I've heard in years.

Anyway, Sophia is a bit more relaxed than The God Machine but it's
still pretty depressed stuff.


 Esus2  B...
e  7      0
b  7      0
g  9      9
d  9      9
a  7      9*

* For the B... chord: Move index finger above 3d and 4th finger

Is it any wonder

 Esus2?            B...

This world is full of dreamers And this world is full of deceivers But when kind words can part true lovers Is it any wonder
Dsus2 A...e--5-----5-----5-----0-----0-----0----|-3-----3----------------|B----5-----5-----7-----0--------------|---3-----3--------------|G------7-----7-----------7-----7---7--|-----5-----5------------|D-------------------------------------|------------------------|A--5-----------------7----------------|-3----------------------|E-------------------------------------|------------------------|
That to me love has no meaning (x3) Is it any wonder And this world is full of talkers and this world is full of lies But I spend my time pushing away the ones that love me But is it any wonder that to me love has no meaning(4X) Csus2
Are you happy now ----------------- Em - G(1) - C - Am(2) 1. hammeron on A-string 2. hammeron on B-string G(1) - C(3) - Am(2) - C 3. release D-string The death of a salesman ----------------------- Intro F# - C#m(1) - Asus2 - Bsus2 (4x) 1. hammeron on B-string F# C#m I walk across the road Asus2 Bsus2 and the duke opens his door F# C#m Asus2 Bsus2 i've gotta get away from what I know i take a seat by an open window i turn when i hear someone say 'you can go both ways' i finish my drink and reach for my coat i say goodbye to some people that i think i know i step into the the street the rain feels nice in this heat F# C#m Asus2 Bsus2 i say i'm sorry as i reach for the lights C#m F# C#m F# there's nothing like a long walk on a rainy night(4X) asus2 - Bsus2 i take some advice from a man in death interceptive he said 'take some time don't let the small things pass by' but still i cover myself in the presence of a body that's lifeless I say i'm sorry as i reach for the lights no i'll never let you see me undress no i'll never let you see me undress outro: oh the death of a salesman... Asus2-Bsus2-Dsus2-Esus2-Dsus2-C#m-F# July '98 Send your comment to
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