Soul Asylum - Black Gold tab

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intro: -----------------------------2----2------2-------| -----------------------------3------3------3-----| ----------0-----0-----0------2--------2------2---| --------2-----0-----0--------0-------------------| --0-2-3-----2-----0------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------|
Play this simple little one twice after the intro.
----10-----9---7----5---5--3--3--3------2--------------| ----10----10---8----7---5--3--3----2----3--------------| --11----11--------9-------------------3----------------| -------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------|
G D5 G --3--3---x----3----x---------------------------------| --0--0---3----0----3---------------------------------| --0--0---2----0----2-----------------------7---------| --0--0---0----0----0-----------------------7---------| --2--2---0----2----0----0-2-3-2-0-2-5-5-5--5---------| --3--3--------3--------------------------------------|Please note: the D5 chord i have is a substitute for theactual power chord (x577xx) i found it easier to play inthe progression when playing the song straight though.this is just an editors note i guess. :-)
this is the verse. sounds just like the words, so you'll get it pretty easy. :-)
C Em----0----3-0-----0----3-0---------------------|----1--1-----1---0--0-----0-------------------|----0------------0----------------------------|----2------------2-------------7--7--7--------|----3------------2-------------7--7--7--------|-----------------0-------------5--5--5--------|Mother, do you know where your kids are tonite
blah blah blah.. this is the basic idea of the song i didn't transcribe the solo becuase it's too hard to hear becuase of the sound effects. any additions, or anything are welcome, and before you post it please e-mail me, i want to learn to play this one perfectly too :) - AND COME ON PEOPLE! LET'S GET THIS SOUL ASYLUM ARCHIVE GOING! :) How about some transcriptions for songs like.. Keep It Up Get on out Promises broken Bittersweetheart hopes up String of pearls And everything else on the new album :) i'm going to work on a few of these, so any ideas will be apprciated at Oh, 1 last thing, there should be and VERY soon. brough to you by yours truly *grin* ok. i'm outta here.
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