Soul Coughing – Soundtrack To Mary tab

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"Soundtrack to Mary" by Soul Coughing
interpretted and transcribed by:

Armando Di Cianno

The song comes off of Irresistible Bliss, their second album.  Buy
both the albums, for they are truly great.  The music is by Soul
Coughing, and the lyrics are by M. Doughty.

Hello.  First tab kind of thing, but I'm sure this is the way that
Mike Doughty plays it.  I've tried variations but they all sound a
bit off.  This is the best one.

You need a capo.  It goes on the third fret.  All tab here is
written as if the capo is the nut.  So the E string actually becomes
a G string and all that.

Hold the full barre chords (not just the power chords), but do not
emphasize the last three all too much.  Relative to the capo, it's:
G,B,C all barre (actually A#,D,D#).

Pattern #1----------Okay. The main pattern that is repeated over the whole song:Listen to the song to get the rhythm. G B G Ce|----(3)---(3)-7--7----(3)---(3)-8--8-|B|----(3)---(3)-7--7----(3)---(3)-8--8-|G|----(4)---(4)-8--8----(4)---(3)-9--9-|D|--5--5--5--5--9--9--5--5--5--5-10-10-|A|--5--5--5--5--9--9--5--5--5--5-10-10-|E|--0--3--0--3--7--7--0--3--0--3--8--8-|
Well, that's that. Because of the irregular wording that Doughty uses to sing most of his songs, you have to listen to the song to get the right rhythm/wording sequence. It's easy enough. Pattern #2 ---------- The only other part is the little interlude. Here's that:
And that's the music. Here's the lyrics: ----------------------------------------- (pattern #1 over and over) Easy places to get away to. Easy limbs languid all around you. All my time, yeah. Dirt on your hands. Fingers drifting Down my spine, yeah. Fall Fall Fall Fall Fall Fall Soundtrack to Mary. Many minds wandering from room to room. Many trees slain just to write it to you. Many rays blinding Almost drowning Keep this whole shine Locked in my room Fall Fall Fall Fall Fall Fall Soundtrack to Mary. (pattern #2) Throw back the noise, get another one Pour out the rum, I've been drunk enough I know the sound that you made and I Can't seem to unremind myself (pattern #2 once or twice, then pattern #1 until the end of song) I hope you feel better later on. --------- Well, all's happy. What a great song from a great band. Please email me any corrections or email me if you just like the band. Again, it's: Have a day.
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