Soul Coughing – 300 tab

Tuning: DADDAD

From the Soul Coughing album El Oso [1998]

The DADDAD tuning is what M Doughty used predominantly in the later years of SC
(1998-2000) and in his solo career into today (though as of 2012 he'll transpose this tuning
into CGCCGC due to his voice changing as he gets near his late 40s....)

intro/verses D F/D A/D(lowest string)D-0-----0------0--3----5---| A-0-----0------0--3----5---| D---0---------------0----0-|
D-----0-----0-------0----0-|(repeat as needed) A-----0-----0-------0----0-| D-----0-----0-------0----0-|
Chorus D C/D D Bb/D F/D A/DD---0----10-10-10--0-----8-8-8-----3-3--5-5-|A---0----10-10-10--0-----8-8-8-----3-3--5-5-|D------0--------------0---------0--0-0--0-0-|D------0--------------0---------0--0-0--0-0-|A------0--------------0---------0--0-0--0-0-|D------0--------------0---------0--0-0--0-0-|
Transposed myself! Note: Roni Size's 1998 song "Visiting Angels" has a really similar riff. SC and Roni were friends, too. Visiting Angels came out after. Any questions or comments? Any more SC you'd love to see tabbed? I love the cough. willing to trade bootlegs, I have over 50 that are unavailible on the internet (yet, today is dec. 7 2013. They'll likely be posted by me soon on the soul coughing portal of! stay tuned, friends!) Email: -Max
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