Soulcracker – Staring At The Sun tab


(Sigle Clean Guitar)

B, G#, E (repeat 4 times)

(Full Band Comes In)

B, G#, E (repeat 4 times)


B (let ring)
"Only thirteen minutes from here...."

            F# G#  E
.... in the at-mos-phere 

E (let ring)                B, G#, E
"A simple sight for everyone"

(repeat verse)

after 2nd verse singer sings "a simple sight for everyone" again..... you play

E (let ring)             G F#
"  simple sight for everyone"

Verse 3:
   same as 1st verse

Verse 4:

   same as 2nd verse


B G#        E     B     G# E
"You wanted some history     

B      G#   E   F# G# E
and to be a big star"

(repeat once)
"now your handing me a harsh reality"

E                         F#
"I'm standing still your flying away from me"


B              A             B  
Staring at the sun (flying away from me)
               A             B
Staring at the sun (flying away from me)
               A             B
Staring at the sun (flying away from me)
Staring at the sun

(repeat verses)
(repeat pre-chorus)
(repeat chorus)

         B       A                          E
Yeah.... you cry underneath the window it's hard....."

             E                  G F#
"you were my second sun, you are"


(repeat pre-chorus and chorus) (Then the last line of the song) (bass only) "Only Thirteen minutes from here, there's a calming test in F# G# E (<----- guitar) the at-mos-phere E (let ring) That's all folks
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