Soulcracker - Two Little Boys tab

Alright here I go:

Intro/Verse: (He's using some weird sort of feedback effect. You could try 
and just use feedback to play this and just slide to the different spots...
if that makes any sense.)

repeat 2x repeat 2xE:--------------|---------------B:--------------|---------------G:----9---8-----|----6----4-----D:----x---x-----|----x----x-----A:----7---6-----|----4----2-----E:--------------|---------------
Then after you do that, you switch to this:
Chorus: repeat 2x repeat 2xE:-------------------------|---------------------------B:-------------------------|---------------------------G:---------------8--8--8---|---------------8--8--8-----D:---------------x--x--x---|---------------x--x--x-----A:--2--2---2-2---6--6--6---|--7--7---7-7---6--6--6-----E:--0--0---0-0-------------|--5--5---5-5---------------
So as of now the order of the song goes: Intro Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Verse Now the drums come in, but the guitar doesn't change that much. There's a fill during the chorus played by another guitar that goes like this: Fill:
E:--------------------------------B:--------------------------------G:--9s-8s-9-----------------------D:--X--x--x----just slide between-A:--7s-6s-7--------the two--------E:--------------------------------
After the upbeat chorus, it sounds like a different kind of verse, but it's really not. Just palm mute the octaves. Then there's the solo: Solo: (this is all tremolo picking so warm up that hand!)
After that there's some improv going on that you can take care of. Then just do the Verse again and you're done. Send any questions/comments/corrections/death threats to: Later
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