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From Sun May  4 09:44:33 1997
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 1997 16:33:41 +0200
From: "J.P.Juneau" 
Subject: tab/soundgarden/rhinosaur

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This is in my opinion the easiest song on "Down on the upside"
Theres not much to it anyway except that it's pretty cool...

Dropped D tuning

Intro:e:----------------------------------------------------B:----------------------------------------------------G:---------------------------------------------------- X4D:--------8h10--10--10-10--8--------8h10--10--10--8---A:---8h10-------10--10-10--8---8h10-------10--10--8---E:--------------10--10-10--8--------------10--10--8---
There's another guitar playing something else over this, but it's to noisy for me to figure it out.
Verse 1:e:------------------------------------------------B:------------------------------------------------G:------------------------------------------------ X4D:---10\------------8h10--10--10--8--------8h10---A:---10\-------8h10-------10--10--8---8h10--------E:---10\------------------10--10--8---------------
Chorus:e:-----------------------------------------------------B:-----------------------------------------------------G:----------------------------------------------------- X3D:--3--3-3------2--2-2---------1--1-1--0--3/5--5-5-5---A:--3--3-3------2--2-2---------1--1-1--0--3/5--5-5-5---E:--3--3-3------2--2-2---------1--1-1--0--3/5--5-5-5--- only happy when you hurt...
e:----------------------------------------B:----------------------------------------G:----------------------------------------D:--3--3-3------2--2-2--------1--1-1--0---A:--3--3-3------2--2-2--------1--1-1--0---E:--3--3-3------2--2-2--------1--1-1--0--- only empty in your arms
Verse 2: With intro, X4 Verse 3: Same as verse 1. Chorus 2: Same as chorus 1. Then you get to the fast part during which comes the solo:
e:----------------------------------------------B:----------------------------------------------G:---10h12-12--10h12-12--10h12p10--------------- Many many D:---------------------------------------10h12-- timesA:---------------------------------10h12--------E:----------------------------------------------
Chorus 3: Same as the other ones. Outro: play verse 1, 4 times and that's it. LYRICS: Standing with my enmies Hung on my horns With haste and reverie Killing with charm Only happy when you hurt Only deadly in a swarm Only healthy in the dirt Only empty in your arms I play, i'm sick and tame Drawing the hordes I wait and show the lame The meaning of harm The skulls beneath my feet Like feathers in the sand I graze among the graves A feeling of peace (chorus) Only bending when you break Only feeding when you're cold Only healing when you ache Only feeling when you don't Enjoy. Drink milk J.P.
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