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Staind – All I Want Acoustic tab

All i want-Staind
Ways to play.
First off i know many people would say it has to have drop-d tuning and im fine with 
but i personally prefer standard tuning its a personal preference for me while playing this 

Standard Tuning
D      A             Bm
What i leave when you go
       G            D
What i see what you show
           A               Bm
and what i guess and when i don't
is something you already, already know


D                       A
I can't live without , all i think about
Bm             G
all i want is you
        D                 A
You're all i dream about, i can't live without
Bm            G
all i want is you

Carry the same chord progression throughout the song D-A-Bm-G

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