Stars – Your Ex-lover Is Dead tab

			     Your Ex-lover is Dead - Stars
Tabbed by: t3h flick

Tuning: standard (EADGBe)

K, so nobody's actually done this right... the little cello/violin diddy there, it's 
and its so easy to play... so I'll tab it out. I'll try to get the intro too, but i'll 
with that little interlude that everyone's got tabbed as "Just strum a C"

Violin Part.e|--3----------1-----3-----1-----0---1---0--|B|--5----------3-----5-----3-----1---3---1--|G|------------------------------------------|D|------------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------|
Cello Part.e|-------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------3---5-------------------3--5-----3--------|G|----------5---------5-------------5--------5-----5-----|D|-------5---------------5-------5--------------------5--|A|--3-----------------------3----------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------|
Real easy isnt it?The cello thing is really an octave down, it sounds really good though.So here's my kick at the can of the intro. it's a few of the parts all mixed into one. sounds right to me. Am Amsus4/B** C D7 F G C9 Ce|------------------------0----------------------------|B|--1----3--3-------1--3-----1-------1----3----3----1--|G|--2-------2----------------2----2--2----4----0----0--|D|--2-------0----------------4-------3----5----2----2--|A|--0-------2-------3--------5-----------------3----3--|E|-----------------------------------------------------|
Hey, it sounds good enough to me and I tried, so bugger off :P that ** is cause nobody really knows what to name that chord. its a Bm base with an Am so i threw in the sus4 on the Am to make it Am(2) with the d (0/3) and /B to give it the note (2) lol hope this works. for chords, check out version two.... he has it basically right... the is a little sketchy... and the interlude is not there (my favourite part of the whole theres a part where Amy just strums a C chord that looks like E\3 b\5 g\5 d\5 a\3 e\x that over top of the interlude... you'll know it when you hear it... or, thats what i heard last night... i might just be crazy :D xD in fact i'm pretty much sure of that. Great song though. Toronto Indie Music is the Sex. Never forget that. Signing off, ~t3h Fl!ckz0rz | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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