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Steam Powered Giraffe – The Suspender Man chords

Another good song by them singing Automatons, was surprised to not see it up here already : P

A TON of Minor chords and Ostinatos  
 Enjoy ;D
One Moonlight Night!

Banjo/Accordion intro

Dm BbOne moonlight night in the bayou a silhouette
F CThe air was sweet and the fog was vi-o-let
Dm BbThe gators were all drinking tea, in a dreamy pantsless glee
F CI saw a suspendered man, a banjo holstered in his hands.
Dm Bb He had biggest red suspenders I ever did see, golly gee that's what I've seen
F CHe flicked the brim of his hat, and this is what he said to me.
Dm Bb"Mister robot ah am The Suspender Man
F CAnd dis banjo 'as shown me dah promised land.
Dm BbNow ah play a song but in return, yoo put dat shiny coin right 'ere in mah urn.
F CAnd ah play yoo sumfin fine. Mah music gonna blow yo mind!"
Dm Gm So I flicked my coin into his pot, I gotta admit it twasn't a lot
Dm Two cents and then his fingers wriggled,
Che plucked those strings and belched a giggle.
DmHe tapped his foot, howled like a hound
Gm DmIgniting up the unholy sound.
DmAnd I ain't never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never,
Am7never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never,
C Dmnever, never, never, never, never, heard anything so great.
DmCall the vendors.
BbBig Suspenders.
F C DmThat's what everybody wants to wear.
DmThey stretch to Nantucket.
BbPut them in a bucket
F C DmAnd send them to the gnome trapped down the well
Dm(Tug 'em with thumbs is ideal)
Dm(While rollin' back on your heels)
Dm (Let ring) (Yeah) He played the two cent show
DmAnd just like that he stopped playing
BbMy jaw dropped to the floor.
FHe cracked his neck and smiled at me, And said,
C "Buddy, y'gotta pay for more!"
DmBut by then a crowd had swarmed the swamp,
Bbtossin' coin in after coin.
Dm DmSo he cleared his throat, and his fingers writhed,
Bb Dmand everyone shouted for Suspender Guy.
DmCall the vendors
BbBig Suspenders
F C Dm That's what grandma wants for her birthday
DmThey're bright red and awesome
BbEven worn by opossums
F C DmNobody wants their pants to fall down
Dm(Ma and Pappy want 'em too)
Dm(Even the ghost of your Uncle Stu)
Dm(let Ring)(Yeah)
He played the two cent show Fracture dat banjo! (Under Banjo Solo) Dm, Bb, F, C x4
DmAll the children sing and dance
BbThose banjo sounds instill a trance
DmBy 4 AM the press what hot
CSuspender Man on the front page spot
DmSuspenders were in and spats were out
BbThe girls all suffered from fainting bouts
DmThe banjos flew off the shelves
Bb FSprouting wings with dreams
C Dmof being played by Suspender Man.
DmBut in the middle of February
Bbthe fog turned a crimson red
FThe Suspender Man disappeared,
C Dmeveryone was heels over head
Dm But we found his suspenders and that old banjo
Bbsittin' right here on his log
DmAnd though he's gone,
Dmthat's what he gets
C Dmfor selling his soul to the bog
DmBig Suspenders
BbPut them in a blender
F C DmThree bat teeth and a blackened gypsy eye
DmBring it to a boil
BbRelease your mortal coil
F C DmOut pops a belt to wear for you and me-
Dm C DmNobody wants their pants to fall down-
Dm C DmYou could wear a dress and'd have no need
Dm(The alligators had it right)
Dm(Wearing pants it sure does bite)
Dm (let ring) (Yeah)
DmHe played the two cent show......
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