Ice Cream Parade chords with lyrics by Steam Powered Giraffe - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Steam Powered Giraffe – Ice Cream Parade chords

  Rabbit: Looks like you broke The Spine...

The Jon: Oh no! Huh, he's gonna miss the ice cream parade!

Rabbit: Wha- ice cream parade, there's an ice cream parade?

The Jon: Come on Rabbit, lets go, we can still make it!

Rabbit: Yeah! Wait a sec, what about The Spine? He loves ice cream


The Jon: Ohhhhhhhhhh... He's dead now. Well, here we go!

C GIce cream man
C GGive him a hand
F C GThe greatest man in all the land
C GGive him your hand
C GHe has scoops for hands
F D GThe ice cream scooping man
C GFreezer box chest
C GFastest scoop in the west
F C GHis ice cream is the best
C G Am EmIt's no contest and might I suggest
F C GIt's his ice cream to ingest!
FHe has all your favourite flavours
CLike Butter-rumple Butter-berry
G CGive me more of Double Triple-Dipped Dinosaur Cherry
F CWumple Dumple Happy Sprinkle Shoe Cream Pie
D G F C GPlatypus Surprise!
C G C G F C GThe Spine: hey guys, did I hear something about an ice cream
Parade? [No chords] Rabbit: oh, no Spine, we're done with that now, now we're having a Horse adventure!
BmLet's have a horse adventure
BmLet's have a horse adventure
Bm F# BmEveryone loves a horse adventure, tally-ho!
BmLets have a horse adventure
BmLets have a horse adventure
Bm F# BmEveryone loves a horse adventure, tally-ho!
F# BmTally-ho!
G D A BmRabbit: My horse is a Pegacorn with wings and horn of gold!
G D AThe Spine: and mine is the six-hoofed Sleipnir, the Norse horse of
G D AThe Jon: and my horse is the greatest horse because it's not really a
BmHorse at all
G D A BmIt's more like a tortilla on top of another tortilla
A Bm A BmFilled with gooey cheese and fresh salsa too
A BmThey forgot my sour cream...
[No Chords] Rabbit: ...You can't ride a quesadilla
F#m Eb C#The Jon: Uhhhhh, sure you can, check it out! Hyah!
F#m Eb C#Quesadilla!
Eb F#mQuesadilla!
F#m Eb C#Quesadilla!
F#m Eb C#Quesadilla!
F#m Eb C#Quesadilla!
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