Steelheart – Shes Gone Acoustic chords

She's Gone(acoustic) 
chord by : ben_gates

intro Dm Bb C A Bb G A

DmShe's gone,
BbOut of my life.
CI was wrong,
AI'm to blame,
BbI was so untrue.
G AI can't live without her love.
DmIn my life
BbThere's just an empty space.
C AAll my dreams are lost
BbI'm wasting away
G AForgive me, girl.
Bb FLady, won't you save me?
C GMy heart belongs to you.
Bb FLady, can you forgive me?
C GFor all I've done to you.
Bb CLady, oh, lady.
(verse x2) Dm Bb C A Bb G A (Chorus x2) Bb F C G (solo) Dm Bb C A Bb G A (Chorus) Bb F C G
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