Steelheart – Forgive Me chords

Well After a Long time searching for it, and founding nothing at all, I've tried
myself and it seems to work... This is for what I think the chords for this
wonderful song. Enjoy and correct it needed
Half-Step Down Tunning
Pretty Easy... but nice for a dedication :)


G   Em   G   C   D

G EmI don't mean to hurt you
G Em (D)I don't mean to offend you
G EmI don't mean to condemn you
G Em D C(add9) or CForgive me - but I love you
G EmI don't mean to wound you
G EmAnd I don't mean to punish you
G C D EmI know, Know I made you suffer through
G Em (D)Forgive me - but I love you
Em CYeah, I know I'm fast to criticize
Em CSometimes my mouth runs wild
EmI don't know why
Em C DBut I know one thing is true
Em C GForever, forever, I will love you
Play Same Chords as intro and repet the chords on the verse
The Electric Guitar Plays:----------------------------------------------------|10b1/2-------10b1/2-10b1/2-10b1/2---10---7----------|---------------------------------------------8--8/7-|----------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------|
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