Stellar Kart – Come Back Home tab

Hawthorne Heights
Come Back Home
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Key: Eb

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Cm -   x35543
Bb -   x13331
G# -   466544
Eb -   x68886
Bb/D - x587xx

Cm--Eb-G# x2 Verse 1: Cm Come back home G# your all alone Everyone is Cm waiting for The words to say G# to make you stay To keep you in their arms Cm Hold still so i can feel G# The words that hurt the hit that kills Cm The latest fight that lasts all night Bb Turn off the lights and leave right now Chorus 1: G# G# I know I know Bb I'm too slow to catch you here G# I know that she knows Bb She's running far far from me Interlude: Cm--Eb-G# Verse 2: Cm Come back home G# pick up the phone Or just call my Cm name out loud So i can hear Bb so loud and clear Our time is running running out (Repeat Chorus 1) Chorus 2: G# Slow down oh my so Bb i can catch you now G# Slow down oh my Bb so we can work this out Interlude: Plucking Cm--G#-Bb Bridge: Eb Bb/D I'm cold and tired Cm Let's start a fire Bb G# And then we'll fall asleep Bb G# Bb You and me oh just you and me (Repeat) G# Bb Forget what you meant G# You'd never did lost Bb I know what you want (hold) G#--Bb--G#--Bb I know you've got (Repeat Chorus 1 and 2)
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