Strange Ranger – The Wires chords

Am C G D x 2

[Verse 1]
Am C Would you see me
G D When its dark
Am CI miss the sounds of your body
G D Am Mixed with my head in the clouds
CI can see you
G D AmKnow just how to throw your weight around
C G DBut I'm keen to keep my feet planted firmly on the ground
[Instrumental] Am C G D x 2 [Verse 2]
Am C G D Am I can feel your breath on the back of my neck
C GI can heal her
D AmI don't know what made you sick
Cthere's a corner
G D AmTwo and two with the love lacklustre burst?
CLike the first two
G DI know its not the best but not the
[Verse 3]
G DWorst thing I've heard
AI'll test your patience
EmI will complain
G DI'll (unknown lyrics) lovin kind of way
F GDon't be a stranger on the train
[Instrumental] Am C G D x8 [End] F G
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