Strange Ranger – In A Dream chords

[verse 1]
C Dmthere was a car
Am Fparked behind your old house
C Dmyou loved that boy
Am Fdrive around and cool down
C Fwhen you get sad
Bb Fyou'd grips and to feel bad
G F6am a half
Dmstiches in your sisters back
[verse 2]
C Dmi am with you
Am Fjust because i want to
C Dmyou are so sweet
Am Flets stop and turn down with me
C Dmi am too sad
Bb Ffeeling bad with you alone
C Amwe say goodbye
Fstaple in your neigbours eye
[outro] C Dm Am Fe|-3-3-1------------|B|-------5-6-5------|G|-------------7-5-5|D|------------------|A|------------------|E|------------------| x4
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