Strange Ranger – Planes In Front Of The Sun chords

[Verse 1]
G Dbabies in the street
Am CWhen I wake up the weirdest dream
G DLeave my house at 10
Am CHear my favourite song again and I say
G D Am Chave I grown dull on you? I know I am an alien
G D Am Cchu not notice cause you've had too much to think... about
e|--------------------------|B|--------------------------|G|-9-7----------------------|D|-----7-9--7-5--7-5--------|A|-------------------7-5----| x2E|-----------------------5-3|
[Verse 2]
G DPlanes move through the sky
Am CI walk to work in fading light
G Ddaddies with the kids
Am CI still want that, I still feel sick oh
G D Am CI can't hide from all the violence and my dreams
G D Am CI can't taste it till im drifting off to sleep
Em Dhey under there oh
Am Cstop shouting
Em Dcold in the air
Am Ci can taste it
[Outro] G D Am C
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