Strange Ranger – One Mississippi - Light In Through The Window chords

G D Am

[Verse 1]
G DSitting in our bed
AmSunny day
G DAre you feeling this
Amthe right way
[Verse 2]
G D AmDreamers talk when they look at me
G DStumbled through the losings
AmStay for one mississippi
[Instrumental] G D Am x2
[Verse 3]
G DFighting back the day
AmComfort you
G DSlanted smile on open plains
AmWe'll come for you
[Verse 3]
G DNight terrors pitch
Amand spew out of themselves
G Am DLooking for a reason not to be here now
[Instrumental] G D Am
G D AmWe were left behind
G D AmWe were left behind
G D Am (until end)
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