Strange Ranger – Most Perfect Gold In The Century chords

[Intro Riff]A|---0------------------------------------3-------0--------------|B|-----3-----------------------1p0-----5----5-3---1-1p0-----0----|G|-------0-----0-2-2/4-2-0-2-0-----0--------------2-----0h2---2-0|D|---------0h2-----------------------2----------5-2--------------|A|---------------0--------------------------------0--------------|E|-0-0-0-3-0--------------------------------------x--------=-----|
Em Gi feel older now
D Amthan i'd like to be
Em Glose the fireworks
D Amdo you forget your dreams too
Em Di do
Am Ci do
X2 [Verse 2]
Em Gnow it's gray outside
D Amthinking of what you said before
Em Gin the vacuum of my life
D Amall things appear to me the same
Em Dyou too
Am Cyou too
X2 [Verse 3]
Emi have a feeling
Dthat stays in my heart
Amalways looking so empty
Calone on the subway
Emwith one thousand animals
Dto tear you apart
Amevery day you believed it's
C Ema study in the hardness of the heart
D Am Cwon't you get a hold of me
[Instrumental] Em D Am C [Verse 3]
Emi could just stay broke
Dand upset my family
Am Cthe sunrise the most perfect gold of the century
Emand i can't relate to you
Dwhen i'm feeling bad
Amoh the boss of the planet
Cwith the same awkward habits
Em Doh say to me
Am Cthis means something
[Outro] Em D Am C
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