Stranglers – Peaches tab

Transcription by: Richard Stanforth (
Date of Transcription: 2nd April 2002

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This isn't very much of a guitar song, as it is based around the bassline that JJ Burnel plays.
In fact, the guitar pretty much follows the bassline throughout the song.

The song is in the key of Eb minor :)

riff 1 riff 2E-----------6h6----------------| E---------------------------------|B-----------6h7----------------| B---------------------------------|G-----------6h8----------------| G---------------------------------|D-----------6h8----------------| D---------------------------------|A--6----4---6h6----------------| A--6--6-6--6-4--4-----------------|E-----6-----------6-6--6-4--2--| E------------------6--6-6--6-4--2-|
intro: bass plays riff 1 (x2), before guitar joins in on riff 2. (riff 1 x4, riff 2 x1) (riff 1 x6) Strolling along minding my own business Well there goes a girl and a half, she's got me going up and down She's got me going up and down (riff 2 x1) Walking on the beaches looking at the peaches (riff 1 x8) Well I've got the notion girl That you've got some suntan lotion in that bottle of yours Spread it all over my peeling skin baby, that feels real good All this skirt, lapping up the sun Lap me up, why don't you come on and lap me up (riff 2 x1) Walking on the beaches looking at the peaches (riff 1 x7) Well there goes another one just lying down on the sand dunes I better go take a swim and see if I can cool down a little bit Coz you and me, woman, we got a lot of things on our minds You know what I mean? (riff 2 x1) Walking on the beaches, looking at the peaches (riff 1 x6) Will you just take a look over there... where? there! Is she trying to get out of that clitoris? Liberation for women, that's what I preach, preacher man! (riff 2 x1) Walking on the beaches, looking at the peaches (riff 1 x3) Oh shit, there goes the charabanc! (riff 3) Looks like I'm going to be stuck here the whole summer Well what a bummer! (riff 4) I can think of a lot worse places to be (riff 3) riff 4) (riff 5) Like down in the street or down in the sewer (riff 6) Or even on the end of a skewer!
riff 3 riff 4 riff 5 riff 6E-------------| E-------------| E-------------| E-------------| B-------------| B-------------| B-------------| B-------------|G-------------| G-------------| G-------------| G-------------|D------7-6----| D-------------| D-------------| D-------------|A---6---------| A------7-6----| A------5-4----| A------3-2----|E-------------| E---6---------| E---4---------| E---2---------|
(riff 1 x8, over keyboard solo) (riff 1 x7) Down on the beaches, just lookin' at the peaches...etc. (there's a kind of question and answer section between the riffs and the vocals here, please don't laugh at the way I've transcribed this bit...heh) riff 3: m-ngh-m-ngh-m-ngh-m-ngghhh! riff 4: m-ngh-m-ngh-m-ngh-m-ngghhh! riff 3: ngghhh! riff 4: ngghhh! riff 5: m-ngh-m riff 6: ngh-m-ngh-m-ngghhh! (riff 1 x4) (riff 2 x1, riff 7 x1)
riff 7 E-------------------------------------| B-------------------------------------| G-------------------------------------| <- a variation of riff 2, a kind of D--4--4-4--4-3--3---------------------| 'harmony' with the bassline A------------------4--4-4--4-3h4p3-1s-| E-------------------------------------|
riff 8 E----------| B----------| G---6h8----| D---6h8----| A---6------| E----------|
end on riff 8.
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