Streetlight Manifesto - Point Counterpoint tab

			    POINT / COUNTERPOINT - Streetlight Manifesto
Tabbed by: Rob Bratney

Tuning: standard

That first chord he hits is just an "E" chord. once
 he starts singing, play these four chords back to 
back until "singin this song..". End on "A" before the horns..

"I've got a gun in my hand..." just repeat those four chords.then those last couple of chords are played when the horns come in.e|-0-----2-0-0-0---------------44-422-------------|B|-0-----3-2-0-2---------------55-533-------------|G|-1-----2-2-1-2---------------44-522-------------|D|-2-----0-2-2-2----------------------------------|A|-2-----0-0-2-0----------------------------------|E|-0---------0------------------------------------|
These chords are played on the upbeats only. a ska rythm. if you cant hear the rythm, you need help. this is played during the horn part, the verse, and into the part after"i can guarentee that what you see is not reality" you can hear the rythym everyone is playing. play these chords in that rythym, same order. A-A-A, E-E-D-D.e|-55-5-5--44--22---------------------------------|B|-55-5-5--55--33---------------------------------|G|-66-6-6--44--22---------------------------------|D|------------------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------|
For the slow part during "And the days and the days they seem like forever..." strike this chord and hold it. then it goes back into the verse. there a little pick up before it goes into it. ill include that. Remember the ska rythym.e|-5-----P---V--44--22-V--55-5-5--44--22----------|B|-5-----I---E--55--33-E--55-5-5--55--33----------|G|-6-----C-T-R--44--22-R--66-6-6--44--22----------|D|-7-----K-O-S---------S--------------------------|A|-7-----U---E---------E--------------------------|E|-5-----P----------------------------------------|
This is during the sax solo (1:24). the chords are played on the down beat and are detatched. except for the last "E" chord which is just kinda strummed right up until the chorus.
CHORUS! This is a ska rythm too! thats played 8 times. then after the chorus "OHHH you dont know where Ive been!..." is the next set of chords.They are detatched from one another. then there is the verse progression again. SKA RYTHYM!!! strike that last chord for the bass solo.
He doesnt play anything until "You'll have to learn this lesson on your own." he kinda strumms a chord builind up until he says "own" when he hits it hard. that chord is this. then it goes into the chorus for the rest of the so and that little part after it for the rest of the song, which for your convenience, i will post again.
| / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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