Streetlight Manifesto – A Better Place A Better Time tab

Artist: Streetlight Manifesto
Song: A better place, a better time
Album: Everything goes Numb
Tabbed by: Gimpy

And so she wakes up 
in time to break down
Em                    C
She left a note up on the dresser

and she's right on time
G    Bm             Em
You don't know anything
C           G Bm C D
right or wrong

G          Bm
I said I know
C           D
and she said so
G           Bm
I wanna panic
C                  D
but I've had it so I go
G   Bm       Em    C          G  Bm C D
You don't owe anything to anyone

c  		 G
But don't take your life
C 		G
'cause it's all that you've got
Em			B
You'd better off just off and leaving
    C			D
if you don't think they will stop

G  		Bm
And qhen you wake up
Em		C     (D)
everything is gonna be fine
G			Bm
I guarantee that you wake in a better place
Em		G
in a better time
G		Bm
So you're tired of living
Em			C
feel like you might give in
	G Bm Em C
well don't
C	(D)	G
it's not your time!

Ok so it go like this. The chord for the verse are the same as the others...
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